The MSN method to opening and maintaining your pool


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Jun 15, 2009
Cincinnati, OH
I like slide 2, with the guy shoveling the leaves off a vinyl liner with what appears to be a metal shovel.

Plus many people here have turned a mucky pool with tons of leaves in the bottom into sparkling oasis w/o draining. Yeah TFP.

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Jun 23, 2009
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I really like the one with the pump setting right on the edge of the pool without a base or anything to secure it. One good tug on the hose and in the pool it goes. :hammer:

Even if nobody gets hurt that motor isn't going to like it!
After reading all of your comments about the slides, I thought I'd find a hilly redneck site!

They actually think they know what they are talking about... How sad!

I'm amazed that there are not pool companies, products and stores alike, who aren't sued for hurting someone. It's amazing some of the advice they give... how can the chemical cocktails they have you whip up in your pool even be safe to swim in?

So thankful for TFP!!!!