The little pool reno that grows. never done this before.

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May 15, 2021
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Ready to start! The 40-year-old pool is not leaking, so all can be fixed. Or are we in a fool’s paradise?

A special thank you again to cowboycasey for helping us get started with my post of on “bond beam and tiled pool wall work.”

We are the 2nd owners of what was a completely tiled 6-inch porcelain tile deck and completely tiled salt water pool semi-inground. Originally the thought was to replace 2 feet of tile around the top of the pool, where pool tiles were bulging out and loose.

And then it grew in reno terms.

The deck tiles were very slippery and dangerous and they were popping off to reveal that the thinset had disintegrated in spots to sand. It was either remove or retile the loose ones and keep up the routine as others became loose due to the Canadian Winter. Also, the deck had to be regrouted completely.

At the perimeter joint between the top of the pool deck and the pool wall the previous owner had inserted a very thick layer of thinset in an attempt to stop the pool water from going in behind the wall. He had double tiled the top of the pool wall down about 1 to 18 inches varying down in an attempt to control the water damage. The deck and the pool wall were attached by the thinset and there is cracking along the edge of the concrete deck. The pool walls are intact.

He had also cut off the bull nosing on one side of the concrete deck and shaved off the angle on the concrete top along one side of the pool to deal with a ground water issue when he reconcreted a separate patio .

There are 3 steps leading into the pool, with the 1st top step being 18 inches below the edge of the deck, making it a big careful step to get into and out of the pool

We have removed the pool wall tile until we reached the solid layer. The walls have been ground clean, and the thinset layer between the pool wall and deck has been cleaned out, leaving about ½ inch perimeter joint space all around the deck. The deck tile has been removed, various concrete patches that the owner had applied has been ground off along with the thinset.

Next steps. Coating the pool wall, choosing the wall tile , dealing with the perimeter joint, and getting the concrete repair work done


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