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May 8, 2007
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What are the contents of the TF100 kit? I was curious what size reagents are included as well. I'm sure this is listed somewhere, but all I could find are a list of the types of tests that it performs. Also if I have a Taylor K-2006 kit are any of the components compatible?



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Mar 28, 2007
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The refills page gives you a pretty good idea of the size of the reagents.

TF-100 contains:
K1000 Test Kit (OTO Total Chlorine and pH tests)
... Chlorine and pH Comparator tube combo
... R-0600 Orthotolidine (OTO) reagent (0.75 oz; 30 ml)
... R-0014 pH Indicator Solution (0.75 oz; 30 ml)
FAS/DPD Free Chlorine (FC) and Combined Chlorine (CC) Test
... R-870 Powder (10 grams) DPD Powder
... Small Blue Scoop
... R-871 dropper bottle (1 oz; 30 ml) FAS/DPD Chlorine titrant solution
... R-0003 dropper bottle (0.75 oz; 22 ml) DPD Reagent #3
... Graduated Cylinder (marked "For Chlorine Only")
Total Alkalinity (TA) Test
... R-0007 dropper bottle (1 oz; 30 ml) Chlorine Neutralizer (sodium thiosulfate) for Total Alkalinity test
... R-0008 dropper bottle (1 oz; 30 ml) Alkalinity indicator solution
... R-0009 dropper bottle (1 oz; 30 ml) Alkalinity titrant solution (sulfuric acid)
Calcium Hardness (CH) Test
... R-0010 dropper bottle (1 oz; 30 ml) Calcium buffer
... R-0011L dropper bottle (0.5 oz; 15 ml) Calcium indicator solution
... R-0012 dropper bottle (1 oz; 30 ml) Calcium Hardness titrant solution
Cyanuric Acid (CYA) Test
... Two R-0013 flip-top bottles (each 2 oz; 60 ml)
... CYA view tube
... Red Cap CYA Dispenser
Graduated Cylinder (for TA and CH tests)

The Taylor K-2006 has all reagent bottles be 0.75 oz; 22 ml. The CYA test in the TF100 requires twice the volume of R-0013 since it measures down to 20 ppm using a larger tube whereas the Taylor K-2006 only measures down to 30 ppm and uses a smaller tube so with the TF100 you get 120 ml of R-0013 solution while with the Taylor K-2006 you get 44 ml. You get about 36% more FAS/DPD chlorine, TA, CH and CYA tests with the TF100 vs. the K-2006. You get the same number of pH tests (though the pH reagents are different and the comparator tube in the TF100 is smaller and has pH comparisons of 6.8, 7.2, 7.5, 7.8, 8.2 compared to the K-2006 which has 7.0, 7.2, 7.4, 7.6, 7.8, 8.0). The TF100 does not have the acid and base demand tests that are found in the K-2006.