TF 100 Test kit


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Aug 6, 2010
I have ordered this test kit and was curious if there was any info on using it i would need to know before it gets here.


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Oct 6, 2009
If you search this site, you'll find some posts where they've done a really good job at outlining the exact testing process for each of the tests included in the test kit. However, there is also a really nice label right inside the test kit with those same instructions. I simply opened the kit and started testing right away using those instructions.

Two things I did do though -
1) Re-arranged the box of reagents a bit so that they are actually in order of how they're used in the tests, so I'm not searching all around for each one
2) Wrote the number of drops used on each bottle, so that now I can actually just do the tests by picking up the next bottle in line and adding the number of drops listed right on the bottle. But do all the tests a few times, and it really becomes second nature how to do them.

Good luck. You're really going to enjoy your kit!!

I'm about to order refills for some of the reagents, and DEFINITELY going to buy the speedstir as well this time.


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Mar 17, 2010
Spring, TX
If you did not get one I would highly recommend the speed stirer if you can afford to get it. It makes testing so much easier. I find that I get more accurate results as it mixes the samples better then I can by hand.