Texas freeze damage


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Jul 8, 2008
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Howdy from Texas! You know where this is going...

Known damage:
- Catastrophic damage to the Quad DE lid. Base and internal components all appear ok- found a lid on ebay for a low enough price it was worth the gamble that everything else made it through.
- 2 Jandy valves split.
- Intelliflo VSP leaking between housing (350015) and seal plate (074564 per the parts diagram)
- Slow leak at/in MasterTemp heater.

Work being done this spring in this area of the yard, have plans to redesign pad. Hoping to patch everything together well enough to operate until ready to redo the equipment pad.


1. One run of PVC will have to be replaced, which includes damage to a Jandy valve inlet port- what is the probability I could glue the 2.5” coupling over this port and have it operate with minimal leakage? Suggestions? This is on the return side, the JV diverts between pool/spa. Given the scarcity and price increases for JVs I'd like to save what I can for use when I redesign/replumb the pad.

2. Pump basket housing appears to have cracked, but the leak is definitely coming from the joint between the housing and seal plate. It holds water to the level identified by the duct tape in the picture, it loses water above this line; rapidly when filled to the top, slower but still losing after dropping about 2”- until it gets to the duct tape and then it no longer loses any water.
  • Any suggestions here? How much pressure is the housing under? Should I just tighten the bolts and see what that does- it has separated more on the right side, which is definitely has a stronger leak. Would it be better to open it up and see what’s going on between the housing and seal plate or is this a bad idea?

3. Heater appears to have a slow leak- possibly at the manifold, possibly internally and just leaking out in that vicinity. Do I risk doing more damage if I get the pump going and run the equipment for assessment?

Please let me know if you need additional pics or questions answered. Thanks in advance!


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Jul 21, 2013
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I don't think you risk doing more damage if you run your pump and see all the leak points.

You can try and hack temporary fixes and see what works. I think you will need a new valve and pump eventually.

Just keep an eye on things as any fix can let go at anytime and start dumping lots of water.