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Jun 12, 2012
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Got my new TF-100 test kit a few days ago and did a full test. This is where I'm at. Water seems clear and can see to the bottom of the deep end clear but whole liner stained. I've found out that Ive been using Eclipse that says on the back will raise copper levels to 1-3 ppm. My test read 1ppm which was tested by store last week. Needless to say Ill never use it again. I'm planning to use about 2.2 lbs of vitamin c on friday because I have an order of 4 quarts of Pro Teams metal magic (2 of which will be used for this treatment, and the other 2 for weekly maintenance). I used a pinch of vitamin c today on liner steps and it cleared up nice in that area. I have a 21,000 gallon vinyle liner inground pool.My questions are following:
How long should I wait to add the initial dose of pro teams metal magic after the vitamin C is added? I've also read in a previous thread that the HETG in the sequestriant holds better in a pool with a higher CYA, should I raise mine? Should I do anything else before my Friday Vitamin C treatment? I also know that I'll need to start raising my PH the next day and hold off on shocking but am I destined to never be able to raise my chlorine level to sustained periods agian? I do use Dichlor and Trichlor. Here are my readings from today:
FC .5 ---CC 2.0 ---TC 2.5--- PH 7.2
AKL 160---CYA 30---Cal this was tough because it seemed it was between 500-600 before it turned from purple to blue so not sure if I did it right.

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Did you read the Pool School article on metals in the pool and some of the topics on AA treatment? I can't answer your question directly but those threads and article should.


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May 7, 2007
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There are complete instructions on doing the ascorbic acid treatment (vitamin C) in this post.

Your CYA is alright, or you could raise it a little (to 50). But it won't affect the sequestrant in any meaningful way.

After a couple of weeks you will be able to go back to normal. The only long term issue is an ongoing need for sequestrant.