Test kit in Canada?

Tie Twist

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Jun 5, 2012
Bolton Ontario Canada
Hi everyone, my first full summer with a pool after moving last August. Learning a bunch from the site, what a great help.

I tried to track down a Talyor test Kit K2006, and the local place is $177!

Can't ship the recommended kits to Canada from what I have seen, so am at a loss.
Are there any kit options in Canada that are more reasonable. I did find the K2006 out of stock in Montreal (I am Toronto area) for $129, still too much.

Still relying on pool store tests for now.



I just went through searching for a cheaper place to buy a K2006 in Canada and ordered from Piscine Apollo, my local store wanted 260$ for it....so at 147 i would've considered it since Apollo
is temporarily out of stock and is expecting more in about 10 days as of yesterday.

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