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Mar 19, 2016
I need some help. I am trying to get my pool right we neglected to put the pool cover on this year and our pool was slammed with everything. I cleaned out all the branches, sticks, and leaves there may still be just a few leaves still but not many. I can't see the bottom because of how cloudy it is so I can only go on what is coming up on my net. My neighbor actually got in the pool and scooped out the majority though since we couldn't see the bottom. Well it started off looking like black swamp water and now it's blue but very very cloudy. I cannot get it to clear up at all. To get it where it is now my neighbor put in a few tablets of chlorine and some ph. Then I put in a box of borax a gallon of bleach and a huge bag of baking soda. Then I went to the store and bought a bottle of algaecide the clorox brand that gets all of the diff. Kinds of algae out. Then I got 6 bottles of the powder shock the clorox Xtra blue brand with algaecide in it as well. I put the whole bottle in it and 2 packs of the shock. I let it run all night and back washed it the next evening until it ran clear. I then put in the remaining 4 bottles of shock into the pool. This time I let it run all night and the next day back washing in the morning and the evening until running clear. I let that run through and bought a gallon of bleach and added it after two days of putting the shock in and 4 boxes of baking soda. I let that run through 4 two days and kept backwashing. I then bought another bottle of algaecide, shock not the kind with algaecide just regular shock this time and then clarifier. I put in the whole bottle of algaecide 4 packs of shock and 4 Oz of clarifier. Oh I do want to add while I was doing all of this I always have kept 1 tablet of chlorine in my skimmer. I let this run through and have brushed it and tried to get more leaves out. The next day after this i added about 2 cups of ph up let this run I back washed again and have now added more water. Now I am here at today 1 day later after putting in the pH up where I have very hazy blue water I back washed this morning and a very little amount of green came out oh and last night I put in more clarifier 4 Oz but still nothing. I have an above ground pool 48 inches high and 27 foot round I think it's like 16,000 gallons something like that. I don't know what else to do. Any advice? I know that you guys are always talking about getting a test kit and testing for cya to see what that is at, but where can I get one. I don't trust going to the pool stores because they have given me the most ignorant advice before. This is my third year of owning a pool and I have never had this happen before.

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Hello and welcome to TFP! Well, I have to be honest, just about everything you did previously, and chemicals added, go against the TFP principles here. Many of those pool store products will only make things worse and add metals or raise some levels past a level that's even manageable. Best thing to do right now is simply stop adding anything (except regular bleach) and order your own test kit. One we recommend that works. You're right to not trust the pool store tests. We recommend the TF-100 (link below) as it contains Taylor reagents in larger quantities. We must have YOUR own test results to really help.

Knowing your current CYA is key right now. So until you can order a TF-100 (they get shipped really fast), just add about 1 gallon of regular bleach to the pool each day. Continue to sweep occasionally, but don't expect it to clear yet. We need the test kit for that. Hang tight and be patient. We can help once we have your accurate numbers.

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No more algaecides, tablets, bags of shock .... only regular bleach (no scents and NOT splashless). Generic bleach is fine.