Taylor test kit?


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Jul 19, 2007
Western Mass
Hey guys,

I'm gonna break down and cough up the money for one of those nice test kits. I have one question though. Is it easier to tell the results than say one of the walmart drop test kits? I can never really tell what color it falls under and I still don't feel confident as to what my numbers are. Can you tell EXACTLY what the numbers are? The guy at the pool store said those types of tests are obsolete now. Then he directed me to the stupid strips. Which I already have and I have the same problem, I can't tell EXACT results.

Is the best way to order online? I'm needing it ASAP.



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Feb 8, 2008
Milford, CT
Which Taylor kit are you looking at?

If they use DPD powder and drops to read chlorine, then you CAN accurately get your chlorine reading. The kit you refer to is OTO, and just colors the water so you can match it (for chlorine and pH). Unfortunately, even the good kits rely on color matching for pH, but the better kits do come with more granular numbers for pH, and in some cases (I think) better "color separation"...i.e. red is below 7.6, purple is above, etc.

Might also want to look at tftestkits.com, its kind of like a Taylor kit on steroids, because it maximizes the amount of tests you can do by including more sensible sizes of each reagent, compared to an off the shelf Taylor kit. If you have an inground pool, I highly recommend the TF kit.



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Apr 28, 2007
shadylady...I have the Taylor k2006 and it is the most important part of the pool. I have used this kit for a long time but this is before Dave started selling the test kits on this forum. It is almost the same kit but the regents are larger and the service is next to none. Dave is on the forum and will answer all questions very well concerning testing with his kits and takes the time so you can get it right. I feel Dave's kit is a better value and I know he is a lot quicker with his shipping. Go to the home page and under the scrolling you will see test kits. Click there and you are on your way. :-D


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Apr 2, 2008
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The TFP kit has Taylor components but has been tweaked by Duraleigh so it is more comprehensive then some Taylor kits depending on which one you buy. But if you become a lifetime member he gives you a discount on your kit and future kit refills. Just a thought.


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May 7, 2007
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The WalMart HTH drop based kits are not as good as the Taylor/TF Test Kits kit. The cheap kit uses inferior, though similar in some ways, test reagents.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Thanks, everyone for the kind words about the kit. Shady, your kit will ship today and you should have it first of next week. Thank you!

Just so you are not disappointed, the ONE test you will still have to "eye match" is the test for pH. There is simply no reasonably priced substitute for that test.

If you will test your pH about 4-5 days in a row and under the same lighting conditions each time, you will become a master at judging that test and will be very confident in your results.

The other tests are pretty straight forward. (The CYA test is a little tricky but most folks catch on just after a time or two. Post any questions you have on the forum and you'll get great answers from almost anyone here)