TA is low

Apr 12, 2017
new caney tx
I have been using this method to take care of my pool for a couple of months kind of getting the hang of it. Still lots of questions though.
Trying to maintain PH at 7.2 but I'm adding muriatic acid every couple of days.
My numbers are

ph 7.2
CH 300
FC 15
CC .05
CYA 80
TA 70

Water is crystal clear. I'm worried my TA is to low. Should I add something to raise it or should I just keep monitoring it.
Thank you


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Mar 2, 2011
7.8 creates less carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide causes ph rise.

Higher ph means more ph stability and less acid. It also helps maintain good CSI.


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Apr 1, 2007
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TA is fine at 70.

If pH will rise on it's own, then let it slide on up to 7.8. If it does not rise, I would leave it alone