TA high, pH slightly high


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May 20, 2007
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first and foremost, here's the readings done with the taylor K2006 kit:

FC 3
CC 0
pH 7.8
CYA 20
TA 170
CH 240

was recommended by the pool store (they used the same kit and got the same results) to add 3 lbs of CYA and 2gallons of acid. how should I add the acid? all at once, or at 2quart intervals? also, as far as the CYA, its been 20 for a good week or more, and I only lose 1.5-2ppm FC a day, should I leave the CYA where it is or bump it up to 30?

also, people have commented about having PVC "fountains" from their return jets, some use them as a pool cooler, others use them to aerate, can someone take a picture of theirs? I took the screw-on part from the return jet into home depot today, and couldn't find a size that fit it, its slightly larger than 1 1/2, but 2" is too big. Does the threaded part that is in the wall come out and THAT is the part I need to replace? can someone do a DIY for the pool cooler/aerator?


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Apr 1, 2007
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Use JasonLion's calculator and you will find you want to put about 1 qt directly in front of a return jet and circulate that for about 30 min or so and then retest your pH.

Search "cooler" on the forum and you'll find some pics for a pvc fountain/cooler/aerator.

Yes, that threaded piece comes out of the wall and you should find 1.5 inch threads behind it.


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May 7, 2007
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In the end you might need quite a bit of acid, but it is best to do it in steps and test the results in between. If your test results are right you might indeed need two, or maybe even three, gallons of acid. But if your TA measurement is off a little it could be quite a bit less than that. Adding too much acid can cause damage, so take it slow. Your PH isn't way off, so there is no rush to get the PH down right now. With 30,000 gallons and high TA I would go a little faster than a quart at a time, maybe 1 1/2 quarts or even 1/2 gallon. Muriatic acid mixes fairly quickly, half an hour to an hour and you can test again and see where you are.

When using bleach in a fairly sunny area I would bring CYA up towards 50 at the start of the season and then let it drift down a little over the course of the summer due to splash out etc. But lower numbers are fine if you want to go that way. CYA of 50 could mean adding as much as 7 1/2 lbs, but again it is best to take things in steps. You could add 3 or 4 lbs, wait a week and see where you are.
most standard eyeballs hare threaded with 1 1/2" pipe threads and normal threaded 1 1/2" pvc should fit. If it doesnt then you have something non standard. If you can find out the make of your eyeball assemblies perhaps the manufacturer has an adapter.

Then again, you have to make sure that you are taking the proper part off. There is an outer ring that holds the eyebally on. That is not the right part. You take that off, take out the eyeball and then unscrew the center sleeve that the eyeball fits into. There should be two slits inside that center sleeve that a spacial tool you can get at the pool store fits into to help remove it (Hayward eyeball removal tool is only a few dollars.)
Once you have unscrewed that part you are left with a fitting that has 1 1/2" female pipe threads.