TA High in Vinyl Liner Pool

May 5, 2008
Hi All,
I’ve been reading this forum, for about 2 yrs now, and I Thank you all, for the Info on how to keep a pool well balanced. This will be my 3rd yr on opening the pool, and it’s time to post a problem I have been dealing with so here it is, ( TA ) first of all, I have well water that has a TA that can ranged from 460 to 540 ppm ( using a Taylor test kit #’s are below, new reagents ) I understand how to lower the TA, I've read all the posts by Chem_Geek and waterbear on the process of doing this, and I have done it many times, so by the time I get it down to about 100 to 120,and I have had it down to 80 a few times. But after doing all this for several days, the aeration, and acid to keep ph 7.1 to 7.2 , I need to add some more water to the pool. And up it goes again. So the bottom line is, I can manage to keep the TA between 150 to 180ppm without much problem. So will these #’s will I be ok with a vinyl liner. I know I have read that it is ok for vinyl liner’s TA to go up to 200ppm but no more than that. And I have been doing my best with your help to keep it below 200. Other then this I have Cristal clear water :-D . Thanks again.


Temp 67
TC 3.0
FC 3.0
CC .5
PH: 7.6
Total Alk 170
CYA 60
CA Hardness 62
Salt 3000

18x36 Vinyl In ground, Sta-Rite Cristal-Flo T-300bp Sand filter,3/4hp Max-E-Pro Sta-Rite pump,
Aqua Rite SWG, Automatic Pool Cover, Solar heating.


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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
You have water just like mine. I see the same kind of numbers. The biggest help I've found is a mesh winter cover so I collect rain all winter. I don't have any problem running 180 TA.
May 5, 2008
Thanks for the reply JohnT,I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem,but that is a good idea,so with my autocover, I could start pumping the rain water off the cover through a cartridge fillter back into the pool. I will give that a try.
Thanks, JohnT