Switched to Bleach


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Apr 24, 2012
Nashville, TN
Yes, it's normal for Atlanta to be hotttttt in the summer. :lol:

Sorry...couldn't help it...

In any event, since you did not post your CYA level, size of "bottle" you're using, or concentration of bleach being used, we have no way of knowing if that's "normal". Please give us that information, along with a full set of test results, and we can try to help you evaluate your chlorine usage. :)


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Feb 23, 2008
Denton, TX
You have a large pool. I'd say that if you are getting away with adding a 182 oz. bottle every two days, that's pretty good. As the previous poster mentioned, the CYA level makes a difference. You might be able to bump your CYA up a bit to help, but not knowing what your CYA is, it's hard to make suggestions.