Sun Shelf chairs??


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Nov 19, 2018
Tuscola, TX
BTW, we use these

Drilled a few holes in the rubber feet things so water could fill them up as well as one in the table for the umbrella. Haven't had any issues and more importantly they pass the wife test.



Jun 29, 2018
New Orleans, LA
For that price the things better make my drink and bring me my beer. :)
I didn't see that waiter services were in its specs. I think its made in China vs. made in USA -- along with the intended longevity of the product that explain the price variance between the two. Maybe next years introduction will integrate drone beer delivery to the poolside chaises.
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Jul 29, 2007
Apache Junction, AZ
I bought these. We're filling the pool tomorrow, so can't say yet that they work. Some of 4/5 star reviews talk about having them in water and being heavy enough that they don't float away. I also have water depth that requires the higher seat, so I'm hoping this will work. Arizona heat factor as well. Price for 2! Lounge chair.png


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Mar 29, 2016
You wouldn't necessarily need to buy an end table to hold your drink thereby saving a few bucks.
For anyone considering paying $1300.00 for 2 of those, 'saving a few bucks' wouldnt seem to be real high on the priority list.
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