Strange debris film on surface


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Sep 2, 2020
San diego

I have recently started taking care of my pool in a new house I jut moved in. I found a very old water with crazy high levels of CYA and high levels of CH that I will need to address.

Build Type: Plaster
Volume: 30000 gallons
Latest Test Result Summary:
FC: 2.6 (2 minutes ago)
CC: 0.1 (2 minutes ago)
pH: 7.4 (36 minutes ago)
TA: 120 (36 minutes ago)
CH: 620 (36 minutes ago)
CYA: 282 (36 minutes ago)

This morning I found a strange film of debris on the surface only. Water is reasonably clear otherwise. There is a fire in the area and I don't understand if it's just debris from the air or something else.

Does anyone recognize this? (picture attached)

Thank you