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Aug 6, 2019
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My pool plastering/Stonescapes crew’s hose exploded on my house. Besides the blue house and blue neighborhood, I’m worried about my pool. They were all out cleaning and not tending to the pool surface, then they brought buckets and wheel barrels to dump the product in. It’s very rough (they acid washed and chipped out pebble from my tiles twice), bumps on pool’s side and floor and white divots on the floor. Even the acid wash wasn’t with hoses and watering cans like I’ve seen. It was straight out of a bottle, one in each hand, but hey, least they came back. But what a mess and what a concern. Thoughts?


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Jul 21, 2013
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Have not seen that problem before. Looks like it made quite a mess. Is there water in the pool now?

No ones plaster comes out perfect and yours seems like typical quality, not great and not awful. If they try and fill the divots it is likely it will not color match and look worse then now. They can drain the pool and diamond sand the surface to get out bumps but that can add swirl marks if not done well. So you have to decide what is acceptable to you.
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Mar 2, 2014
I take that no one was hurt. If that happened at the connection at the nozzle someone could have been seriously injured.

The issue with the surface.. the finish mix cures relativity fast and has to worked fairly quickly. How long did they let it set before working it onto the surface? If those are just raised areas, not air pockets, they might be able to sand them down. Is it like that over the complete surface? They were faced with an unpleasant and unfortunate situation for all of you.

The finish on the detail tiles is somewhat typical. Not sure how much of that will show once pool filled. They get the mess cleaned up? From what was described, it does sound like obsessive acid washing. Pouring acid directly from bottle onto surface is standard practice from some outfits .. but still..
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Jan 17, 2012
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They should hold insurance to cover the damage repairs on the house.

As to the pool, I'm unsure if they can fix it or just need to chip out and start again (with a new hose!).

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