Stenner Pump Calculator (Excel)


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Dec 26, 2019
Conroe, Tx
Hi Guys,

I just installed a Stenner pump last week and so far it is working great.

To help me with the required chlorine dosing required each day, I created a simple spreadsheet that calculates the volume of LC need each day and the time required to run the pump to achieve that required LC.

You basically just need to know the flow of your pump, your pool volume, LC concentration and the target chlorine level you want to obtain.


I have attached a link to the spreadsheet below if you want to try it (you can also check my basic math skills :rolleyes:). I am sure it will have to be refined but it is a start.

Something like this could even be an addition to the Pool Math app if there was enough interest.


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Mar 25, 2018
South Texas
Very well done!!! I always have to start from scratch and do the math in my head. I did a check of your calculator with my current setting and it seems to add up correctly. I'll definitely be using your calculator going forwarded. Can't wait to use this for my summer time settings. Awesome!
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Jul 8, 2011
Just what I was looking for, I just acquired 3 stenners from a used government auction. The wife is picking them up today, I don't even know the models yet but was researching for an install. Hopefully at least one works, but at $15 for all three I don't think I can go far wrong.
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