Starite 400na won't light


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Mar 2, 2011
I have a 15 year old Starite 400na heater that won't light.
This is the problem with repairing a 15 year old heater and you are not sure what is wrong and you begin to throw expensive parts at it.

By the time you're done, the amount of money spent is more than half of the cost of a new heater and you still have a 15 year old heater with no warranty.
Nov 23, 2007
I pulled the voltage selector and nothing looked burned or broken. I put it back in.

I pulled a few manifold bolts out one at a time and none had water.

L1 to L2 voltage is 240

I couldn't really get my probes into the S1/240 connector with it plugged in. I unplugged S1/240 and probed both the fenwal s1/240 terminal to S2, and the wire going to S1/240 to S2 and was getting some odd voltage like 17v. Maybe that's because of the non true-rms meter. Same thing for S1/120 to S2.

I also ran another test and checked that my breakers were working when my probe slipped off the L1 and shorted it to the chassis. Breaker is working!! :oops:

TH is 0 when heater and blower are off. When blower started, TH had about 26v. So I assume that's working. But like you say, it may be sticking or intermittent, so I'll replace it.

I ordered a Fenwal ignition module and air flow switch.
Nov 23, 2007
Yes, I agree with the parts. I'm up to about a grand, so if this doesn't get it working, it looks like replacement heaters are $2800. :(

Kind of sad because I've probably only used the heater less than a dozen times in those 15 years.
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