Rick Smith

Jul 23, 2017
I emailed this this SR Smith but never received a response. I'm hoping someone here possibly knows the answer.....
I am replacing my pool lights. I currently have 3 TREO lights wired to a simple transformer that is wired to a relay in my Hayward
OmniLogic. The lights no longer work property. One light is not working at all and the other 2 are not in sync. They are about 6 years old. I'm looking at
the PoolLUX Premier System and not connecting it to the OmniLogic to retain the full functionality of the PoolLUX. I am interested in the 7w Kelo
lights vs replacing the 5w TREO's (20x40 kidney shaped pool). My question is will the Kelo lights mount to the existing TREO wall fittings? Lastly, I plan
to install this myself. Are there any warranty issues if I self-install? Thanks in advance.
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