Spa completely drained with no water flow


Jul 16, 2018
Denham Springs, LA
I'm at work and just got a call from my wife saying that the spa next to our pool is bone dry with no water flowing in even though the pool pump is running and presumably circulating at least the pool, just not the spa apparently. Any ideas as to the culprit? I'll start troubleshooting when I get home from work, but just seeing if anyone has any ideas to get me a head start. My first thought is a stuck actuator valve or even both maybe....or maybe the check valve is stuck? I've suspected that needed a rebuild, but not sure if a complete blockage at the check valve is even a possibility.

In case it's related, there was a slight overnight freeze last night and the freeze protection function did kick on as I verified last night and this morning. When I checked it before leaving for work, the spa was full though with jets and overflow going.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

For water to drain completely out, the water has to pass through the Intake valve which would normally be closed when in the pool mode. It may not be not fully closed. If stuck open I would think that your pump would soon be running without water, which is a bad thing. I would tell the wife to shut off the pump until you get home..


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Jul 21, 2013
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You need a new diverter. I recommend you get original Jandy parts. Some folks here have bought third party diverters that did not properly seal.

I suspect your freeze protection was cycling your valves and the cold temperature made the plastic brittle resulting in the diverter stem breaking.

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