Spa blower issues


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Jan 21, 2021
So I had a pool installed and they put a spa blower for the hot tub that spills over into the pool. When I turn the blower motor on it either shoots water out of the vent pipe they’ve installed off a port from a three at valve, or it pops the blower motor off of the pipe. My questions are is it normal not to glue the blower motor to the pipes, and why does the vent pipe push water out? The pool is being built by a company however I was looking for some insight on what could cause these issues.


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Jul 21, 2013
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What HP blower was installed? What model blower?

Did they install a check valve or Hartford Loop?

Post pics of the blower and where it shoots water out of the vent pipe they’ve installed off a port from a three at valve.

Most spa blower installation manuals specify a check valve or Hartford loop. For example the Hayward Spa Blower Installation Manual says if the blower is to be installed more than 25 feet from the spa, it is necessary to install a Hartford loop that is 1 foot above the water line and as close as possible to the spa. And to install a check valve in a vertical orientation in an easily accessible location above water level so that it can be serviced.

Some blowers have a check valve built in so check your spa blower installation guide.

It's best to use a check valve to reduce the risk of water getting to the blower.

In addition, you don't want the blower line to fill with water because the blower has to work significantly harder at startup to clear the water out of the line.

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