Some more closing questions up in the Northeast


Aug 25, 2016
Westchester, NY
First time closing new pool up in Westchester, NY. Pool is SWG in ground, 18x36, 3‘ - 6’, Hydrazzo finish, auto safety cover, loop-loc aqua-extreme mesh safety cover, heat pump, auxiliary pump for cleaner, auto fill.

Pool company closed the pool this week. They blew out the lines, put gizmo and anti-freeze in skimmers (2) And put on the loop-loc cover. They had me drain the pool down to almost the second step. I left a pump on the second step.

My questions are:
1- rain and melting snow will fill up the pool. Loop-loc said to leave the pump in the pool to keep pumping the water out but what happens when it freezes up here? The pump and hose will crack. Should I pull the pump out?

2- pool company left the pump and SWG and filter cartridges attached. Should i remove them and bring them inside? The pump has unions but doesn’t look like it has a quick disconnect. The pumps and SWG are Pentair. I believe the SWG has quick disconnect.

3- the auto cover is open so it is all rolled up in the well. Do I need to worry about anything with it over the winter?



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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
1- I guess frozen water won't pump out anyway so I'd just use it when water is overfull & liquid. Some folks have found that leaving a pump on a step long term left a rust spot on the stair.

2- A lot of folks do remove equipment, but it isn't required. Your closing crew surely emptied the filter, right?

3- No problem, but I'd make sure the well doesn't get filled up with water. You have a drain hole in there, I hope?

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Aug 25, 2016
Westchester, NY
Thanks for the reply. The well does have a drIan so water wont collect in there. The crew did empty out the filter and lines. I’ll pull the pump out of the pool when the temp gets down below freezing and stays there. Right now I placed the pump on a brick to keep it from staining but now worried if that brick will stain the step? Also should I pull out the cartridge filters and bring them inside or just pull them, clean them off and replace them? Also I was wondering about the pressure relief valve on the top if that should come inside?

The pumps and SWG are all hard lined and no quick disconnect. I guess they‘ll be left out. I’ll try and wrap them in plastic to protect them.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Don't leave a pump on the step. Pumps have been known to rust and leave a circular rust stain that is impossible to remove.

Check the pool water level every once in a while. If we get more rain then snow and the pool fills ups close to the tile line then pop open a corner of the cover and drop your pump in, lower the water, and remove the pump. Repeat as necessary during the winter.

I have left my pump, filter and SWG connected outside for the past 30 years without a problem. Just winterize them properly. Wrapping them in plastic can make a nice home for critters to nest over the winter. A critter can do more damage then just leaving the equipment uncovered.

Removing the pressure gauge should be part of winterizing the filter.