Solar Panel Tips - 21,000 Gal Pool


May 22, 2020
Palmdale, CA
I have a east facing slope in the backyard that would be a good fit for solar water heater. The area is about 28'x12'. I planned on using 7X 4'x12' panels as It seems I would get the most area covered. I cant seem to find any under $400 each. I was thinking about using the 2'X20' panels as they seem to be much cheaper, but I would lose out on some useable area.

The pool equipment is at the same height as the slope, so it should be relatively easy on the pump. I have a gas heater piped in that I will still use for the spa. I have a few questions:

1. I planned on adding the supply and return pipe for the solar after the heater. I will use a 3-way actuated valve with the pentair intellitouch system as the controller. I will add a check valve before the solar return goes back into the return pipe. Is there anything I should know here?
2. I planned on using 2" CPVC for all of the routing. Is there anyway to determine if what I currently have is CPVC?
3. I planned on building a metal frame on the slope to hold the solar panels, what angle would be ideal?
4. Is the orientation of the panels heat tubes critical to the slope?
5. I have 2" piping for all my equipment so I figured I would stick with that for my header size?
6. I was thinking about making a DIY collector out of CPVC, but seems like the mfg'rd pannels are more effective and probably worth the money?

Any tips/links appreciated!