Solar heater plumbing repair


Jun 7, 2013
From what I can see in the Shutterfly links, I would replace the rubber flex connection (with the hose clamps) through the (2) elbows.
Do you have any of the black pipe?

It looks like you would need the barbed connection, an elbow, a length of pipe (I would probably just get white schedule 40), a Street elbow, and a schedule 40 connector.
(There will be less black pipe once you cutoff the leaking elbow)


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Nov 12, 2017
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Is there about 1.5" between the elbows? EZPZ. Leave the good elbow alone. Leave the hose clamp and all that alone. Cut out the bad elbow: make one cut right next to the broken elbow on the short pipe between the two elbows, leave as much of that short piece as you can. Make the second cut a few inches away from the elbow. Glue a new elbow to the short piece. Then connect the long piece to the new elbow with a short run of pipe and a coupler. Paint all the white PVC to give it some UV protection. Scuff it up first with some sand paper to make it last a bit longer in the hot sun. Done.

Parts list:

1 @ 2" 90° PVC elbow
1 @ 2" PVC coupler
6" @ 2" PVC pipe
PVC primer
PVC glue
Black spray paint

Make sure all the PVC is Schedule 40.
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