Solar Covered and Debris challenged



Thank Vishnu for TFP!

Well our "swimming hole" was outfitted with a super-sexy neon blue solar pool cover a couple of weeks ago, and it's the talk of the house. We LOVE us some solar pool cover!

I haven't taken a temp of the pool. We're in Northern CA, in Marin County and the weather hasn't been "pool" weather for a month, but DANG, the Hole is on FIRE! The HOLE is on FIRE! The weather finally cooperated on Friday on and the Wife thinks I'm a GENIUS!

Anyway, there's one rub....Seems like the solar cover also loves collecting debris. It's like a debris magnet. I guess I must of cleaned/skimmed the pool a lot more when it was naked, or something? But there's a ton of crap on the cover and SURPRISE! when you take it off the pool there is a cornucopia of leaves on the bottom - Yippee!

Evasive Manuvers

What I've already tried the last couple days of OFF and ON cycles is to blow the debris with the leave blower before I pull it off. But the sun baked/caked brown stuff sticks to the cover and as I get it wet it oozes into the pool.

Granted, the pool has been out of site, out of mind for a while, but as I pull off the cover there is this nice brown water going into the pool (Yummy!). I'm thinking their has to be a better way about this? Or is this it? Please covered brotha and sista's let me know what is right.


Once naked, but now Solar Covered


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May 20, 2007
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This was a most entertaining post to read to be sure.

Not much you can do about it...figure if you didn't have the cover on, it would be in your pool anyway.

I just scoop the big stuff out with a net as it drops in and figure the filter will get the rest anyway.

To me the solar cover is worth it to deal with the slight mess.


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Apr 4, 2007
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With the pump on, use a garden hose to wash the debris off the cover into the skimmer. Most all of it will go straight in.