Solar cover seam repair

Perpetual summer

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Feb 17, 2017
We used our solar cover about a month before the seam started to separate. I called the pool installer ( which by the way is a super good guy). He said its under warranty and would be out with the new one. Fast forward a week later he can out with new cover and was going to install. We talked, he said no need to send sample of bad seem, he didn't even need to see it. I could keep it if I wanted. It had a foot in length section that was coming apart. He had to suggestions for repair. He said use it as long as I could then he would come back to replace it. I read threads here on a fix but nothing that worked. Two weeks later the seam separated to about 10 ft. I found these at amazon... . This is the fix, 16 inches apart. I have a heavy cover so I cut thru both layers. Thin cover maybe just one layer. View attachment 65940
If I can get this year out of it I will be happy.