Snow Joe MELT Professional Strength 94% Pure CaCl2 Pellets safe?

Apr 15, 2016
Central Florida
I've found several threads on this, and there is confirmation that it raises CH as expected. That's great!
Is it safe?
If so, I suggest it be considered for addition to the recommended +CH chem list.

Here is the SDS with a seemingly thorough ingredient list for that other 6%, 5% of which might be table salt?

Sam's Club membership warehouse club has your choice of 25lb bag or 10lb jug for $12.74 shipped. 50lb for $20.72.

So if anyone knows what to look for and can confidently share whether this is safe or not, both for humans and pool :) I'd be grateful.

If we can't reach a confident answer, the chemistry store might just get my order for their Calcium Chloride Anhydrous which I assume is the safest of all?

Thank you all!