Slamming my pool for the second time are levels ok?

Jun 21, 2017
Attleboro, MA
HI everyone!
Just started using the BBB method last year, had to slam the pool mid season so I am still very new to this method. I am slamming for the beginning of this season. I can't remember if these levels are ok to slam my pool with.

FREE 40ppm
Combined 80ppm
pH 8.0
TA 80ppm
CH 100ppm
CYA 30


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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
Are those FC and CC numbers correct? Because those are excessively High. Did you forget a decimal place? Or did you use the wrong multiplier for drops? How much water did you use in the chlorine test?
Jun 21, 2017
Attleboro, MA
Your CH is low for a plaster pool. I'm hoping you just added water for the season which just recently diluted it?

No just a lot of snow and rainwater. I just added some calcium, by tomorrow I will be able to see if it increased the level.

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8 x 0.5 is 4 (or 8/2=4) and 10 * 0.5 =5 (or 10/5=5) so it's

FC 4
CC 5.

I bet that has a nice smell to it :)

I retested after I put two more gallons of chlorine. FC 9 and CC 54. I am slamming the pool so by the chart TFP has with a CYA of 30 I should be at a 12 to start and maintain level until it is clear, then do the overnight test to see if there was any loss.