Skimmer tee'd to wall fitting


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Oct 5, 2014
Ontario, Canada
We are an experienced pool builder but need some help in design. In our area, people just use the skimmer for the suction with no bottom drains.

In yards with trees, the skimmer basket needs to be emptied often, sometimes 2 times a day. We fear some people may be starving the pump.

Over the years, I have seen photos of people teeing side wall suctions to the skimmer (similar suctions that we use on waterfall secondary pumps).

Have you ever done this? What design would you recommend??

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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Google Skimmer Equalizers and it should get you pointed in the right direction..

I have a Hayward Skimmer and manual.. The manual outlines how they work.

If the skimmer gets full, or the water drops too low, the equalizer provides water to the pump.

You do have to have a floating diverter below the basket to make it work..


Jim R.