Skimmer Guard?


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Oct 3, 2009
Tucson, Arizona
I'm looking for something on the market that will block my Kreepy Krauly hose from getting sucked into the skimmer entrance. It blocks the flow and makes this horribly loud "slurping" sound. I've tried fabricating things out of plastic, and am contemplating building something out of fiberglass if I can't find a solution. The flat grate-type guards I've found so far won't work - the hose will still get sucked up against those and block the flow.

Any ideas? I need a bow or bumper of some sort.


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That's Perfect !!! :party:

I have a sycamore tree in the back yard and when the leaves fall, they really clog up the skimmer. I built a "leaf strainer" out of chicken wire last year but it was very unsightly.

This will work nicely !!! Thanks!!! :whoot:

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I'm resurrecting this thread to show another idea. Instead of the flat Skimmergaurd products that are available on-line, I needed something that extended "out" because when I have visitors over, they don't realize my skimmer is my ONLY source of water to the pump. So what do they always do? They gravitate to, and lean-up against, my skimmer opening. In just a few seconds, my 2HP pump sucks all the water dry in the suction line as their body and/or swimsuit blocks the opening. So I made this thing out of just PVC, not even glued, just pressed together. I only use it when we have rowdy guests over since the family knows better than to block the skimmer opening. I saw another post somewhere where someone made something like this out of an old milk crate, but I wanted to try with PVC. Maybe it will help some of you that have just one intake like me that takes water to the pump. Oh, and don't let the sparkling "TFP" clear water distract you. :)


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