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May 30, 2021
New pool owner. My PB is proposing using a 1Hp single speed Hayward Super Pump. My pool is around 17,000 gallons. He is also proposing a Hayward 300# sand filter with a maximum flow rate of 62 GPM. Plumbing will be 1 !/2" with two skimmers, three returns and main drain, 16' x 32' pool with 6' deep end. From what I've read on here the pump and filter sizing seems OK. However, also from reading on here, I'm thinking of going to a variable speed pump instead of the single speed. A Hayward Super Pump VS comes in .85 HP and 1.65 HP. My concern and what I'm confused about is which size VS to use. The 1.65 HP seems to me to be the one to go to but at max RPM's would exceed the max flow of the filter. I assume I could just run it at lower RPMs to limit the flow. I will also have an SWG so I know I have to run at high enough RPMs to satisfy the flow switch. I have no other water features, no heater. My question is am I OK going with the 1.65 HP VS?


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May 3, 2007
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Yes, you are fine going with the higher THP VS pump. You can just limit the RPM to prevent higher flow rates.
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