Should I replace all tile or just redo jacuzzi with glass tile

Should I replace stained tiles or update with glass tile

  • Use original tile to keep pool and jacuzzi consistent

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  • Replace both jacuzzi and pool with glass

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Feb 28, 2020
los ángeles
10 years ago I redid my pool. I added jacuzzi and added new tile around pool perimeter. I am now going to replace the decking with marble pavers. Contractor says the difference between existing 3' concrete pool edge with 2" mable coping will result in a gap around jacuzzi. I have leftover tile and have enough to fix replace the bottom tiles and replace tiles with calcium spots and dark spots (not sure what that is). Alternatively, I could just replace all jacuzzi tile with glass tiles to accent the jacuzzi.

Concern - How will glass tiles hold up with spill over from jacuzzi? Will it look funny not doing both the pool and jacuzzi with glass tile?