Should I clean the pool now or wait till Spring?


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Dec 3, 2019
Chicago, IL
The good news is those pictures appear to show winterization was done. If it was me I would drain the pool down just enough so you can see the returns to be sure they are plugged (if your pool is not frozen solid already). If they are not plugged or you loosen the plugs and pink anti-freeze does NOT ooze out, you need to get those lines blown out and anti-freeze put in them ASAP.

I would watch lots of online youtube videos on pool maintenance to get familiar with pool equipment and techniques. Pool School is a must read on this site as other have said.

In the spring I would get a qualified electrician to inspect the pool equipment first (to ensure no grounds or shorts are in those neglected power boxes) then get a reputable pool equipment dealer to go over the equipment to ensure your pump, Salt Water Generator, and filter are functioning and can help you clear the water once you are ready to SLAM.
Yeah it's starting to freeze up around here. I'll research. Thanks.