She's Closed For Winter


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Welp, we closed the pool today. Just came off a SLAM a week ago, so we brought it up to SLAM level and added poly 60, circulated for an hour. DH moved ladder to the center of the pool, and tied the pillow to that and to the sides to anchor it. Installed the Gizzmo in the skimmer. I helped DH put the winter cover on, and we hung old bleach jugs filled with water to the grommets to anchor it. Disconnected the hoses and drained the pump and sand filter, then covered them with a garbage bag for the winter. Set the filter MPV to Winter. And I think we're done!

We're trying out not draining this year, see how that goes. Besides, the skimmer's sprung a leak, so it'll be drained before long anyway. One more thing to fix in the Spring, I guess.
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