Sharing some encouragement!


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Jun 22, 2018
Long time lurker, so thankful for this forum! Last year I started fresh and only used TFP however we stupidly didn't cover the pool, drained hoping to use a sump pump which didn't happen so we had to refill with the horrid couple inches of foaming green swamp with frogs water scorpions and boatmen, hope to update a signature soon but I wanted to share this time lapse collage that has taken around 2.5 weeks, a battle that felt almost as never ending as my nursing program but to all of you still fighting the battle, HANG IN THERE! I almost forgot how the bottom of our pool looked, testing and time lots of bleach and most importantly patience has paid off! Until I have time to update signature this is an 18'round ABG running a sand filter with some DE I recently added 😊 hang in there everyone!


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