Setting the IntelliChlor output level


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Sep 2, 2007
Richmond, TX
I'm new to this so wondering if I'm setting the output correctly.

I have an IntelliChlor SWCG controlled with a IntelliTouch and an inside wired wall panel.

When I access the IntelliChlor equipment menu it always default the output value to "50". If I adjust it down to 30 for example, exit and then return back into the settings the value displays 50 again. However, if I adjust it down further, it does drop directly to 29 as if the value was set to 30. If I go look at the actual IntelliChlor equipment, the light is blinking around 60%.

Is this normal and am I actually reducing the output as expected?


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Feb 4, 2008
That seems a little odd to me. All the units I have worked with update the value on the panel as soon as you change it. The reading on the cell should update instantly as well. (or nearly instantly)
Perhaps something is not connected properly? If I remember right, that cell and panel require manually connecting multiple wires, it's not a pre-made plug for the cell, so it could be wired incorrectly.
You may also try cutting power to the panel for a minute, then turning it back on.. (just shut off the breaker for a min) It could just be a glitch and needs rebooted.