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Jun 5, 2019
Southern California
Hello All - We wanted to seek some assistance with all of you that are more educated in pool design and use than my wife and I are. This is our first pool and as the expense is large I want to get ideas from everyone at TFP so we don't make wrong decisions.

So here are the two concepts we have and both companies have their reasons for the style and equipment used. Here is the breakdown:
  • Backyard yard is approximately 105' wide x 90' deep then it has a slope at the very back that is another 20' deep
  • The pool is approximately 20-25' wide by 50-55' length (one design is 35 wide with baja ledge while other is 30 wide)
  • Fake rock waterfall and grotto
  • One place likes to use Hayward equipment while the other likes Jandy
  • We wanted to have a design that fit the yard without being too small
  • Depth is from 3.5' to 8'
  • Will be Pebbletec
  • The pool is long so we can have enough shallow end to play while still having a deep end for jumping off the grotto
  • We are located in Southern California
  • Will have 2 SWCG
  • Will have VS pumps
  • Will have automation for pumps, lights, landscape lights, waterfalls, heater etc
  • Poured in place OR pre cast coping
  • 5x LED lights

I am sure I am missing lots of important information, just let me know what you guys need and I will provide it. We want to know if things look good or there are obvious things that we would only find out after completion and wish we could have changed/modified.

Thanks everyone!
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May 3, 2014
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Welcome to the forum!
My suggestions are to get a SWCG. Be sure it is rated for 2X your pool volume. Be sure you have a variable speed pump (I think that is mandatory in Cali) and get automation so you can run the water features when you want but keep them off most of the time so they do not mess up your water chemistry.
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry and consider reviewing the entire Pool School eBook.

I see you edited your post after I posted this response.
Take care.
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Jul 10, 2012
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I LOVE the designs!!! Something for everyone!!! No way I could change anything! Just throw a dart and pick where it falls!

You say TWO that due to how many gallons it might end up being?

Have you thought about going 4' to 8'? That would lessen the slope even more. Just an idea. Take a tape measure to see where the two different water depths will hit you and the other adults in the house.

Remember when talking about depths to make sure it is WATER depth aka the water will hit the middle of the skimmer face. Some people talk about depth but measure to the bottom of the coping. Make sure you and your PB know what you mean when you say depth.



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Jun 5, 2019
Southern California
Yes, we are recommended to use 2x SWCG as it should be around 42,000 gallons. We will verify that is it water depth and not depth from the coping. Will there be a big difference going from 3.5' to 4'?

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