Screenlogic Temperature misreadings


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Apr 9, 2016
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I have a screenlogic easytouch 8. I can't get my heater to work because the screenlogic is misreading the pool/spa temperatures. It is correctly reading the air temperature. I've tried to calibrating the temp in set up but it is not staying? Any suggestions? Do I need to replace the thermostat that goes with it? I'm pretty sure that I found the thermostat that goes with it. If so, anyone have a good video for that? I really just want to use my spa. I want to say that the temp is off by at least 40 degrees.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Your EasyTouch has a water sensor installed in your plumbing to measure the water temperature. It does not use the thermostat in your MasterTemp heater to regulate the heater.

The sensor is a 10K thermositer which can be tested using a multimeter.



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Jul 7, 2014
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If your actual water temp is off by 40 degrees from the water temp shown in ScreenLogic, it is not a calibration issue.

You either have a bad sensor (thermistor) or maybe your air and water temp sensors are swapped where they connect to the main board..

Normally, the heater is set to on and full hot (104 degrees), then you set the Set Point in ScreenLogic for the temperature you want.. The heater then comes on and stays on until the set point is reached..


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