Sand at the bottom :(


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Mar 16, 2017
Austin TX
Hello everyone! We set up our AG pool last July. Everything has gone well with it over the winter, and the water has been clear! I noticed that there was something collecting at the bottom (I assumed it was pollen) around a month ago. But now I'm 99% sure it's sand. I keep running the vacuum, and it looks like it's getting it all, but then it settles down to the bottom again. Could this just be from dirt blowing around in the air and settling in my pool? Or is this likely a malfunction of my sand filter? Other than at set up, I have not backwashed it. at all. I guess question #2 is how often should I be backwashing it?

I appreciate the help! Love this site. I also set up an inflatable hot tub on my back porch and we're loving it!



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Aug 15, 2017
Spring Valley, NY
Sand doesn't get air borne. Once the cleaner gets it you wouldn't see it again. As Marty said it's most likely dead algae. Your numbers are key here.


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Feb 18, 2018
Chattanooga, TN
I had sand last year. It wasn't a huge amount so I just vacuumed it everyday to get up what the pump had pushed out into the pool that day. I replaced all my laterals this winter with the hope of that being the issue. Set my new pool up and got everything hooked up and running and I still have sand. It's frustrating. I think I'd rather mine have been dead algae too! I know how to fix that LOL Good luck with everything.