Safe, fun pool games?


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May 24, 2007
I'm on the lookout for safe, fun pool games for the kids (or even adults) to play, preferably ones that don't need any specialized equipment. Balls & pool noodles are about as far into "equipment" as I want to go.

We do have a diving board, so one of the games they play is "everyone copy my dive/jump, and see who can do it the best." I don't want any games like "see how close you can jump to someone else!"

Any suggestions? Thanks!


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Jul 3, 2007
Tomball, Texas
I guess "dunk the punk" and "diving with scissors" are out of the question? :-D

I made up this silly game to play with my kids and their friends. All you need is a little squishy pool football. We made a circle and everybody had to pick an animal sound. Then when the game started you had to make your animal sound and then the sound of someone else's and throw the ball to whoever you called out. They would do the same thing, and so on.

For example

I would say "Ruff-ruff" (that's my sound) and then say "Meow" (Joe Blow's sound) and throw the ball to Joe
Joe Blow would say "Meow"(his sound) and "quack quack" (Mary Jane's sound) and throw to Mary Jane

The faster people tried to play the easier it is to catch someone napping. Then the person who dropped the ball is ridiculed mercilessly.

My wife and I have a few pool games too, but those were devised under the cone of silence and I can't comment on them. :twisted:


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Apr 30, 2007
I wife won't let me near her in the pool, so we play monkey in the middle (with a squishy ball) usually Boys against the girls (adults in the deep end kids in the shallow end) Lots of fun :super: