Running pump 24 hours/day question.....


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May 30, 2007
Hampton Roads/Virginia
Just to refresh....

27'Round AG pool, just installed 2 weeks ago. BBB method.
2HP, 2Spd cartridge filter pump. Apparently the 2 HP is quite large (too large?) for this pool but I will say, even though we have trees around us (we cut down the few in our back yard because of the pool but our neighbors have a bunch of HUGE trees and our yard backs up to woods) I am surprised at how clean the pools stays. Seriously, there is never hardly ever anything in the pool. I have an auto vacuum but have yet to use it as I feel it is not really needed. I end up vacuuming the pool about once a week so far anyway. Is this because of the 2HP motor??

Anyway, my question is we have been running the pump 24 hours a day (maybe this is why it stays so clean :wink: ). I notice others have theirs on timers, etc.
Should I only be running my pump a certain amount each day and then turning it off for a time? Confused here.....


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
There is no harm in running the pump a lot but it can get expensive. Your water will very likely look just fine with one third as much pump run time, or less, and you will save noticably on your electric bill. There are various theories about how to calculate your ideal pump run time but the real determination is how the water looks. The electric savings could easily pay for the timer. I would try running the pump for 10 hours a day and see how things go. After you get some experience with it you can adjust from there.

This is a pretty good time of year for keeping the pool clean. Peak pollen is over and leaves are not falling yet. I wouldn't expect too much to get into the pool unless you have a large storm.