Routine Chemistry Testing - what do I need to test for and how often?


Aug 28, 2020
Austin, TX
Hi all- I have the basic Poolmaster 5 way test kit which tests for pH, chlorine, bromine (I don’t do this One), alkalinity and acid demand. I know the TFP app also has calcium hardness and CYA in their logs. What do you usually test for in your routine chemistry testing? I was planning on only doing free chlorine, pH and alkalinity weekly. Do I need to test for calcium and CYA levels weekly or only if a problem?


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May 3, 2014
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Until you learn your pool water chemistry characteristics, I would suggest you test FC and pH daily, TA weekly, and CH and CYA monthly. That is primarily focused on swim season, and with colder water temperatures you can stretch out the FC and pH testing.

I also recommend you get a proper test kit. What you have can only provide ranges of TC. You really need a FAS-DPD test kit to measure FC accurately. Also, the CYA is imperative to test for proper pool water chemistry management.

I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.
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