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Jun 7, 2016
Noblesville, IN
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I know this is posted all the time, and I apologize for that, but I'm looking for a new robot and am losing my mind trying to find one. I try to do research, land one one, and either can't find it anywhere or it's sold out. I started looking 3 months ago; challenges with everything having a different model/name, almost no inventory at any local stores, and general lack of availability. I can't handle the back and forth, so throwing out one last effort to see if anybody knows of something I'm missing before giving up until the spring.

I basically want a top-load, with the large single basket, both fine and leaf filters, 50' (60' cable), ability to schedule, some kind of remote (physical or app, wifi or bluetooth), and decent quality/reasonably reliable. I don't need the caddy or anything like that. Price point was originally around $1000 but now I'm looking at more like $1200 max, and able to purchase online.

I was originally looking for the Pentair Warrior SI, everybody says Margaret at Marina Pool and Spa, but they're out of stock, I emailed about other options with no response, and can't find that or the alternate options anywhere. I've now landed on the DOLPHIN Triton PS Plus on Amazon for $1212 but can't get past the $113 increase to add the fine filters or that the SI at Marina had the same basic features and was listed for $850.

Basically, if anybody knows of an online purchase option for a vac with those specs in that price range and can just send me the link I'd be greatly appreciative.


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Feb 6, 2015
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Marina Pools in Colorado. Call them for best prices. They can get busy and may take several days to get back to you. Many members here have purchased from them.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Buy simple.. You do not need a remote or WiFi or Bluetooth.. They all clean the same even without all the bells and whistles..

You want the S200 "style" robot.. They may have other names, but they are all the same except for the color.

The S200 comes without a caddy.. I find a caddy useless, but that just depends on you and your pool.


Jim R.
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