Rheem heat pump?


Jul 25, 2010
I have an opportunity to buy a 2 year old (nearly new, full working condition) Rheem RMST2-63D pool heat pump from a friend of a friend that is getting rid of their pool.

$1500 is the price, and that seems to be a good price, but I do not know anything about pool heat pumps.

My pool is in-ground, 16 x 32.

I do not even know what it will cost to get this installed, etc.

I really respect the opinions of the pros here and would like to hear your thoughts on heaters and if they are worth the price and yearly costs.

Also, does anyone have an idea of how difficult the installation may be?

Thanks for the advice!


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Apr 15, 2007
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Expect not to get any warranties from the manufacturer, as it is usually applicable to the original purchaser. However, a two year old heat pump is just barely broken in.

You'll need to find out the size breaker you'll need to connect the heat pump, to make sure you have enough electricity at your equipment. I think this is a 60 amp breaker.
If you do not have an automatic pool cover or are already using some sort of blanket, consider a solar blanket.
It will help with heat loss overnight, and lower heating costs.
The part number will usually have Ti in the model or part number to indicate a Titanium heat pump. Titanium is typically impervious to chemical attack. The alternative is Cupronickel, as in a gas heater. It's a great heat transfer metal, but not good at preventing chemical damage due to pool water chemistry. Sooooooo, it's important that you've read through the water chemistry posts so you know how to ensure proper water balance.

I think $1500 isn't too bad. It's probably upwards of $4000 new...without installation!

Sorry, I meant to say, its a terrible heat pump! You should ignore your friend's offer and get an AquaCal heat pump instead!


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Sep 9, 2010
Poolsean, I really do not understand your post, you make it sound like it is a good deal, then not to buy it? :hammer:
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