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Jun 9, 2010
I have had the toughest time adjusting my return nozzles (removing/moving).

I am trying to eliminate the gap (2nd pic) between the nozzle ring and the pool wall, but cant seem to screw the nozzle in any more without breaking it. Did the PB just install the "seat" incorrectly?

I am also trying to remove one of the "seats" with no success and none of the local pool stores have any suggestions except for the $10 plastic seat removal tool that broke in 1 minute when working on a stubborn seat (1st pic). I am tempted to order one of these 2 tools. Has anyone had any experience with either, or any tricks to remove the seat with out spending $40 on a tool. ... oduct.html ... HOP&FNM=90



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Jul 1, 2009
There may be crud on the threads in the wall. Also, If the threads in the wall pipe come out to the edge/wall, the the fitting will only thread in as far as the fittings threads allow. Leaving the gap. Were the original fittings flush? The builder may have used an adhesive or similar substance to secure the fittings. Have you looked at the wall pipe using a divers mask? If not, were you able to feel the threads for foreign stuff? I think that even if a fitting was difficult to remove, there is no reason for it to be destroyed and still not come out. JMHO

If I purchased a removing tool it would be ... HOP&FNM=90.
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