Return jet faceplate broken - How to replace and is this causing my liner to wrinkle? Pictures attached


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Sep 2, 2010
So one of my return jets was broken and now cracked off, if you notice in the attached picture there is also some slight wrinkling of the liner just to the slight right of the jet.

I was told that the wrinkle is there because of the faceplate being broken and replacing it should resolve, does that even make sense?

Also I thought I could just undo the screws and put on a new faceplate I bought at the pool store but the pool store mentioned I have to lower the water below the jets to do that, does that make sense?

The pool store mentioned it could be a gasket in the jet causing that issue, is that something I can easily check and change myself, is there a video I can follow?



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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
Just put on a dive mask and take each screw out then put back in a few threads to hold in place. The faceplate is the gasket on Hayward style returns. Theres a black ring on back that sandwiches take a look at replacement. With water in pool it's not moving you need to be sure you use same holes. The wrinkle is water getting behind liner I wouldnt lower water at all just go replace it