Replumbing pad/adding swg - please tear apart my plan!


Apr 8, 2020
Dallas, TX
Hi all,

I'm having my pool pad leveled tomorrow (it pitches to the house several degrees), and will also be replumbing and adding in a SWG. Looking for some feedback in my plan! My main actions are

A. Shift the booster inlet to the right, closer to the filter.
B. After the booster inlet, add the SWG (Circupool RJ45+)
C. Immediately after the SWG, place the flow switch.
D. Add unions before my pool return and before my pump for when I inevitably want to add/change something in the future.
E. Dig out and repair backwash line, as between the filter and earth it's all couplings (8)

- Keep the straight pipe before the pump approx 12 inches
- Keep that 45 degree angle up from the filter, since it's glued in at that configuration.
- Before my new union and back to pool, keep ~12 inches of straight as was previously configured (Is this necessary?)

Questions -

1. Will the booster pump right before the SWG be an issue? Will it also be ok just after that 90 degree bend?
2. Will the 90 degree down turn after the flow switch be a problem?


1: Main Drain
2: Near Skimmer
3: Far Skimmer
4: Pump Inlet - assuming I keep that around 12 inches or so (where it is)
5: Filter Inlet
6: Filter Outlet
7: Polaris Booster Line
8: Discharge


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Nov 4, 2018
I would put the booster pump after the swg. That way you have full water flow through it. I would also move the booster pump inlet to the vertical piece of pipe and only have the swg in the horizontal section you mention.

A concern I do see it that the fitting you have for the booster pump is dwv pipe. This is not rated for pressure and should be replaced with a pressure rated schedule 40 Tee.
I would double check all your other fittings and make sure no other ones are dwv pipe (they don't look like them in the photos, but its hard to tell).


Apr 8, 2020
Dallas, TX
Thanks for the feedback and good eye! I will change out the fitting to a proper T. I'll attribute that error to prior owner, though I didn't know it was a problem :)

I ended up calling circupool, they actually state that the SWG needs to go after the booster pump (I found polaris confirm the same thing - I assume there might be some issue with high chlorine through the booster and want to avoid that.

Unfortunately the vertical stretch of pipe is not long enough to fit the SWG either, so everything will probably be cramped in that horizontal stretch.


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Aug 10, 2017
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Make sure you get rid of the fernco in front of the filter. Looks like they stole the one side of the 3 way on return side amd made that a booster line for cleaner. I'd get a robot amd ditch the pressure cleaner amd restore that as a return you probably don't have enough returns currently