Replacing an old Hayward Super II, any recommendations?


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Aug 26, 2014
League City, TX
Good day all. My current pump isn't likely to last much longer, it's gotten a bit noisier and is reluctant to start at times. It's an old 2 HP Hayward Super II that AFAIK, is original to when the pool was built in 1993. With the age of the pump, I am hesitant to sink money into rebuilding the wet end, I'd rather downsize the entire pump to save some electricity. For my pool and equipment, I certainly don't require a 2 HP pump.

My pool is 20,000 gallons with no water features or solar panels. The equipment pad is pretty simple as well, a 200 sq ft cartridge filter that feeds three returns, and one separate return to feed a Polaris 360.

My goal is a more efficient pump compared to what I currently have, and not terribly expensive. I'm not interested in variable speed pumps, I'd like to stick with a single speed or dual speed pump. My equipment pad is wired for 240 Volts.

Anyone have a recommendation for a pump?

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Mar 21, 2016
Atlanta Ga
I have a 28K pool with a spa and waterfall and I replaced a 1-1/2 super pump with a 1.65 Inyo VS pump which uses the vgreen motor.
Sounds like 2hp is too big, may check inyopools and see whats avail but I would highly recommend a Variable speed for sure. Its soo much quieter and you can probably turn your pump pressure way down and save a lot on electricity.
Maybe a good time of the year to bargain shop :)