Replacing an old Hayward Super II, any recommendations?


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Aug 26, 2014
League City, TX
Good day all. My current pump isn't likely to last much longer, it's gotten a bit noisier and is reluctant to start at times. It's an old 2 HP Hayward Super II that AFAIK, is original to when the pool was built in 1993. With the age of the pump, I am hesitant to sink money into rebuilding the wet end, I'd rather downsize the entire pump to save some electricity. For my pool and equipment, I certainly don't require a 2 HP pump.

My pool is 20,000 gallons with no water features or solar panels. The equipment pad is pretty simple as well, a 200 sq ft cartridge filter that feeds three returns, and one separate return to feed a Polaris 360.

My goal is a more efficient pump compared to what I currently have, and not terribly expensive. I'm not interested in variable speed pumps, I'd like to stick with a single speed or dual speed pump. My equipment pad is wired for 240 Volts.

Anyone have a recommendation for a pump?

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Mar 21, 2016
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I have a 28K pool with a spa and waterfall and I replaced a 1-1/2 super pump with a 1.65 Inyo VS pump which uses the vgreen motor.
Sounds like 2hp is too big, may check inyopools and see whats avail but I would highly recommend a Variable speed for sure. Its soo much quieter and you can probably turn your pump pressure way down and save a lot on electricity.
Maybe a good time of the year to bargain shop :)


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Dec 15, 2020
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I'd just go with pump bearing replacement, if the pump is in a rather good condition. I had an original Super Pump VS 115V (Expert Line) and was so close to throwing it away, but some guy on reddit made me change my mind. He persuaded me that it's so much cheaper to do pump bearing replacement instead of paying for a new pump.
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