Replacing a sand filter gauge


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Oct 21, 2018
Northern Tennessee
We had a hail storm yesterday, and the hail broke the glass on the gauge on my Hayward sand filter. The sand filter appears to still be working but it doesn't go down to 0 when I turn the pump off now, and the pressure reading doesn't go down much after backwashing. The pressure reading is also abnormally high. I've never replaced a sand filter gauge before so I'm wondering if someone can give me instructions on how to replace it. I also need to know if it is okay to continue using it in its current condition until I have time this weekend to replace it.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Yes, you can keep using it.

Replacing the gauge isn't significantly harder than changing a light bulb. The difference is you'll need a wrench and some teflon tape for the gauge.

Some gauges have the threads come up from the bottom and some come in from the back. Go look at yours. tftestkits sells some nice ones. If you need any testing supplies or refills, order them now and save on shipping!

If you buy a gauge locally, look for a low pressure gauge. Some are meant for compressed air lines, so they read up over 100 psi. You'll never get close to that and the gauge is hard to read accurately where you need to read it.
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While the needle appears to be damaged, the gauge can remain in-place until you replace it with a new one. It should be your typical 1/4" threaded gauge that simply unscrews & screws back in by hand. You can order a very nice glycerin gauge from THIS PAGE (@ TFTestkits). Make sure to give the threads a couple wraps of teflon tape and you should be back in business.
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May 16, 2010
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Just be REAL careful not to overtighten it - these valve heads can be pretty brittle, expecially if they are old. 3 wraps of teflon tape, finger tight plus 1/2 turn. If that leaks, go an extra half turn. If that doesn't work, start again.
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