Replaced Hayward SP1607 motor with VGreen 165 - Which Impeller?


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Apr 22, 2013
Hi All -

I recently replaced an old Hayward SP1607 motor with a Century VGreen 165 motor. Its working fairly well so far, but I have to limit my high speed because of the small impeller. What size should I switch to? My diffuser should accommodate up to two sizes larger. Should I move to the SP2610C (1.0HP Full, 1.5HP Up Rated) or all the way to the SP2615C (1.5HP Full, 2.0HP Up Rated)?

Thanks for any advice...


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Jul 21, 2013
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Why do you want a higher HP impeller?

Most folks get a VS pump so they can run it slow and never use a high speed.

@JamesW thoughts?


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Mar 2, 2011
The SP2610C is the best size for that motor.

A bigger impeller would overload the motor.

For a VS motor, you always want the biggest impeller that can be used without overloading the motor so that you can use the lowest speed for a particular gpm.


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Apr 22, 2013
Coming from a 1.0 HP pump and impeller, the new 1.65 HP motor seems to spin out with no discernible difference in pressure, flow or suction between the two highest speeds. I suspect the pump is simply spinning out with too little load. Also, a larger impeller would flow more, allowing me to run lower RPM for the same turnover. At low speeds, there's very little resistance, and increasing the flow doesn't seem like it would increase the load by much.

With the current impeller, my concerns would be spinning too high and potentially burning up the motor while vacuuming, backwashing, or any other time I have it at max speed. The flip side of the coin is going too big with the impeller, and burning the motor up due to extra load and slower speed.

Looking at the more modern Hayward Super VS pumps, it seems the 1.65 HP model is outfited with the SP2610C impeller, so that might be my best option.
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